Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lord, I Need You!

I am now back home from an incredible, amazing, and truely awesome week-end. It was a week-end, but in some ways it felt like we were gone for so much longer. I think it is that way on really great retreats... you go away and things change in you and you come back a whole new person. Change that big, as it is happening, feels like it takes a while because a whole lot of energy goes into that transformation.

I must say this group truely inspired me. I have never been on a retreat with such respectful young adults who really gave their all into everything we asked of them. Every activity and challenge we put before them they did with smiles on there faces. I never heard one negative comment from any one of their mouths. They were so positive and put their hearts into this retreat, and the outcome  was just beautiful.

I will write more about this retreat I am sure, but for now I am going to go take a nap because I am completely exhausted from the week-end. I will leave you with the retreat theme song we used. I hope it touches you as it did our group...