Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'm gonna be going "In Reverse" This Week-end

That's right. This week-end will officially be our first youth group retreat week-end where us core team members have worked together to lead it. We have had a freshman retreat before, and it was only a day, so this is a pretty big deal. The theme of the retreat is "In Reverse." Why, you ask? Well because we will be going more into depth of the prayer the Our Father, but instead of starting out in the beginning, we will be beginning at the end.

I will be giving the first talk of the week-end... It is called "Rescue" and will focus on the part of the our father that says, "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil." Long story short my talk is basically the confession/forgiveness talk. There is a lot of stress on the first speaker to set the tone of  the week-end so I am a bit nervous, but the topic has become one of the more comfortable topics to talk about.

I am really excited about the retreat because we will be starting out at our parish on Friday night where we begin with letting go of all of our spiritual/emotional baggage there, and then leaving from the parish to the CYO camp where we will continue our spiritual journey free and ready to go even deeper into our faith. I really like leaving everything behind and then going on our journey, rather than waiting till almost the end to have confession.

I know... me helping out with a retreat... no I have not changed much in that area of my life. Once a retreat addict, always a retreat addict, right? Well I think there could be much worse things I could be addicted to. Please keep us in your prayers this week-end as we all face things and learn more about ourselves and grow closer to God. It is in times like this and immediately after that the devil tries his hardest to win us back. The more prayers we have going up the better our chances of defeating him. I will be happy to post more on this retreat later. :) Now I have to finish last minute preparation for the retreat myself. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"The Less You Reveal The More People Can Wonder"

 I saw this and could not be more impressed with Emma Watson. I know everyone has their insecurities about looks. The media does not help anyone much at all. It is very sad to me when walking through the mall and I see girls under the age of ten walking around in mini-skirts. What happened to the importance of modesty? This culture has become so self drivin and it makes me so frustrated. It is all about fun, about what feels good. About getting attention. Some people think that to find love they need to let loose... but that is not what real love is about. We all search for it, but if only people could see that the only real place they can find love, true love, life changing, mind-blowing love, they must turn to God. The media makes God look so cold and filled with rules that hinder their fun, but those of us who know God, know that the media is so wrong. Once we let God in and trust in Him he will show love to us in so many ways, including those called to marriage, and incredible spouse. The less we reveal the more we can wonder.... As much as that goes along with trying to attract the opposite sex... don't people realize that God is using that same strategy to woo and win us over???? He's a pretty smart guy.

M.I.A.... Back for a visit

Wow!!! My long lost friend. I cannot believe how long it has been since I've logged myself on my own blog. I suppose I needed a break from blogging, and honestly would not have come back on here had I not needed to go back and refresh my own memory for a retreat talk I am going to be giving which I have given in the past.... While looking I felt the need to leave a post and what better post than to reflect on the name of my own blog...

Taking it one step at a time...

This year how have I taken things one step at a time? How has my faith journey been going since I blogged last? Where am I in my life now? It's funny how in day to day life nothing seems to change, sometimes it feels like I am doing the same things day in and day out and life feels the same... In reality though there has been incredible change in this life of mine.

SO what has happened in this crazy wonderful blessed life of mine in this past year?

Well first of all I have been blessed to have a wonderful youth minister here in my parish. I have been blessed to hang-out with some of the best friends and wonderful support group known as the core team family. I have enjoyed sharing in a more spiritual way my faith with the youth that come to our Thursday meetings. It has been beautiful to watch the small group of maybe ten or eleven (all girls last year) teens who would come and grow deeper in their relationship with God grow to about three times as many teens this year. To see the excitement in their faces as they enjoy their faith and learn more about it is a wonderful feeling. Being on core team has been more time consuming than I ever imagined it would be with planning meetings on Tuesdays and youth group on Thursdays and then the activites over the week-ends. I would not spend my time any other way! God, You are truely amazing! Thank-you for blessing my parish with such energetic young adults. I can't wait to see what your plans are for them.

Secondly, I not only met the wonderful love of my life this past year, but on July 5th, 2012, I was asked to marry this wonderful man, David. There is a quote that says, "Do what you love to do and you will find someone that loves the same things you do. Don't look for love, beg for love, or search for love. Just live." Well this past year I did just that and next thing I know God brought David into my life and I am so grateful for him. David has helped keep me on track in my faith so very well starting with our first date... Praying the rosary, going to confession, and attending Mass together.... We try to go to adoration and pray the rosary and go to Mass together as often as possible. It is harder to do that everyday as he lives in a town two hours away so we spend our week-ends together. So In the midst planning our wedding and mentally preparing myself for leaving my hometown in just a matter of months he reminds me that now we need God more than anything else. As long as we keep God first everything will fall into place. David and I have most certainly had our ups and downs, as most couples do... the biggest one for us happened almost two months ago. We found out that his mother was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer and then just two weeks later she passed away. She was a very wonderful woman and even though I only knew her for eight months she made a huge impact on my life and she will always hold a special place in my heart... I miss her so...

Thirdly, so I mentioned I am now an engaged woman, but I did not mention my wedding date. I will be married on April 6, 2013, which means right now there is four and a half months left until the big day. This means I am very much into, you guessed it, wedding planning. Again I know that if I keep praying to God everything should work out just right, but still it is hard for me to kind of freak-out in my head when I think of all I need to get done. I'm not a huge dressy fancy kinda girl so trying to figure all this decorating stuff out is a bit frustrating. Thank-goodness for my family and friends who have put up with me the past few months as all I seem to have on my mind is wedding wedding wedding. I'm sure secretly they must be thinking, "seriously girl, snap out of it!" but it is kinda hard to do. Praying is a must these days!

Fourthly, work this year has been a mixture of ups and downs as well... I had to remember that the quote "Preach the gospel, use words only when neccessary" daily for awhile there. I don't want to get into everything, but lets just say when you don't want to follow the crowd when you know it is the wrong thing, well it is not always welcomed in an approving way. Needless to say I knew that if I were to eventually win them over than I needed to not try to play their game because it would only feed into their fun... In time things have calmed down, but I still have a hard time trusting some people there. On the other hand I have become closer to some of my other co-workers and have learned a lot from them. I love my job. Working with the kids is still a passion of mine. They teach me so much in their simple childlike way, and I am so blessed to be able to work where I am.

I am still no where near perfect, and I never will be, but right now where I am in my life I am feeling pretty good about... :)