Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"The Less You Reveal The More People Can Wonder"

 I saw this and could not be more impressed with Emma Watson. I know everyone has their insecurities about looks. The media does not help anyone much at all. It is very sad to me when walking through the mall and I see girls under the age of ten walking around in mini-skirts. What happened to the importance of modesty? This culture has become so self drivin and it makes me so frustrated. It is all about fun, about what feels good. About getting attention. Some people think that to find love they need to let loose... but that is not what real love is about. We all search for it, but if only people could see that the only real place they can find love, true love, life changing, mind-blowing love, they must turn to God. The media makes God look so cold and filled with rules that hinder their fun, but those of us who know God, know that the media is so wrong. Once we let God in and trust in Him he will show love to us in so many ways, including those called to marriage, and incredible spouse. The less we reveal the more we can wonder.... As much as that goes along with trying to attract the opposite sex... don't people realize that God is using that same strategy to woo and win us over???? He's a pretty smart guy.

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