Sunday, July 10, 2011

Florida Or Bust!

As I have mentioned before, I just got back from my trip around Florida. It is kind of an interesting crazy ride. What started out as a trip with just my sisters and my baby nephew ended up, literally the last minute, to be a vacation with my mother and younger sister. I had been in charge of our Florida half of the trip, which included reserving our hotel, and when my older sister backed out I realized I was going to make this trip happen no matter what, and so I asked my mother to come along. They say everything happens for a reason, which I am a complete believer of... Especially with this trip, because as we were pulling out to leave in my mom's van, my dad was trying to start my car (which is what my sisters and I were initially going to drive in), and it wouldn't start... It turned out something got loose under the hood and my dad had to put it back in, but he didn't figure that out till we had left.

I must say this Florida trip was exactly what us three women needed. I know my sister and I hadn't taken a decent vacation trip in years and my mom loves the beach so she was a happy camper. I miss waking up to the sound of the waves already, but I was also ready to get back to the normalcy of my life and daily routine... It's funny what being on vacation does to a person. After a few days I kept getting the days mixed up and since I did not have to be anywhere at any specific time, I didn't worry about what time it was either. It was nice relaxing and playing in the water in Daytona Beach, site seeing around St. Augustine, and watching the sun go down while watching the ocean in Destin. On the way back we also made a quick stop in Memphis for a night with my mom's friend and had some great b-b-q and for breakfast I had the best pancake concoction ever made... Banana pancakes with crunchy peanut butter syrup... Now I am not normally one to like crunchy peanut butter, but it was so good that it didn't matter to me. I can't wait to make that here at home now... :)

While in Florida my sister and I climbed two lighthouses... the second and third tallest lighthouses in the country... which after climbing the tallest on in North Carolina when I was eight or so, means that I have now climbed the three tallest lighthouses in the country. I can honestly say the lighthouse keepers did not need to work-out much as climbing up and down those stairs so many times a day must have been a work-out in itself. Each one had over 200 stairs to climb. My mom tried to climb one of them, but could not make it up very high and had to go back down. As tiring as it was climbing up, the view from the top of each was spectacular! :)


Suzanne said...

I had a WONDERFUL time with two of my girls and I miss it so very much! I thank the Lord for this time alone together and seeing his Creation and the lighthouses, the food, the laughter..and even some complaining that caused so much of the laughter! ;) Hey, "T", want to go to Pizza Hut in Daytona? "Say Cheese!" LOL!!! Hugs! Love, Momma
PS Thank you Lord for a safe trip with our daughters. Amen

Suzanne said...

One of your readers misses is me!