Monday, June 13, 2011

"Kid's Say The Darndest Things" #14

during nap time one of my kids decided he would try to pull the books off the book shelf, so I went over to sit by him. I looked over at another one of my kids and noticed he kicked off his blanket....

Me: Hey, do you want me to put the blanket back on you, Josh?

Josh N (in a very dramatic way while his chin is propped up on his hands): No... I... Just... want you me, Miss Teresa.

(And then my heart melted....)

Me: But I DO love you, Josh!!!!!

Josh N.: Well then maybe you can rub my back????

(And that was where the Josh I know came out...hahaha!)


While Shane was concentrating really hard on his art project...he was silent for the longest time and then he burst out

Shane: HOLY MACARONI!!!!!!! This picture is going to be SO big!!!!!!!!!!

And then he was silent again till he was done with his picture.


After my break I went back into the classroom where I noticed some of the kids were beginning to wake-up....

Me: Hey, Shane, do you need to go potty?

Shane:No.... Hey, Miss Amanda! You're supposed to tell me when to go potty!

Amanda: You already told me you had to go potty, Shane.

Shane: But, it's YOUR responsibility to make sure I go potty!


I pulled out some random fun books to read to the kids. I pulled out the Noah's Ark book without thinking much of it when I heard Shane...

Shane: Miss Teresa, God does not like wicked people very much does he?

Me (a little confused where that question came from then I realized he was watching me as I pulled out Noah's Ark): You are right. God does not like wicked people.


we were playing good old Disney music and dancing to it when The Beauty And The Beast came on. Shane asked me to dance with him. I obviously could not turn him down so we danced. I started to spin him around when he looked at me and said:

Shane: That's what men do for girls!

Me: What do men do for girls?

Shane: (while attempting to twirl me around) This is what men do for girls!

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