Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chicken Enchiladas Anyone???

The picture above is of what I had for dinner tonight. I made delicious chicken enchiladas (minus the black olives) and spanish rice. My sister and I invited a group friends over for dinner this evening for some fellowship and fun. As my sister had to work till later I was in charge of preparing the meal so I can honestly say the food was all mine and I am quite proud with how it all turned out. The group I spent my evening with are all very dear to me. They each have found a spot in my heart which is somewhat surprised as I have not gotten close to a few of them until this year, but we clicked pretty instantly and spent a lot of time together this semester. I am grateful for my friends and the best way I knew how to show them was having dinner for them.

After dinner we spent time talking and laughing and also watching some you tube videos which had to do with the Catholic faith, along with Big Bang theory scenes. All-in-all it was a very nice evening and I am happy to know these people will be coming back again next year which means there will no be too many good-byes for this girl this time around which makes me happy. :)


Suzanne said...

DELISH, girl! I enjoyed it thoroughly..the left over and so did Dad..he just said...
Glad you enjoyed your dinner with friends..nothin like times like that!
You and Crista are blessed with good ones. :)

Teresa said...

I am glad you enjoyed them Momma. :)