Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just Another Reason I Am Not A Fan Of Lady Ga Ga....

Now, even though Katy Perry has sang the song "I Kissed A Girl," which I found not the best song ever either and definitely has it's own controversy, I do have to give her props for how she feels about the most recent Lady Ga Ga music video to come out. I, myself, watched the video because when it first came on the television I was so confused by what I was watching that I kept watching, bad mistake. It is a pretty offensive video towards the Catholic church, and has been said it compares to the Madonna video when she puts herself on a crucifix... Anyway, the below article will be able to describe it more clearly than I need to here....

Katy Perry Slams Lady Gaga Video

(NewsCore) - Lady Gaga launched her

music video for new single "Alejandro"

Tuesday -- and it has already stirred controversy with shocking scenes including nun rape, bondage, dirty dancing and sex scenes.

Rival pop star Katy Perry is among those angered by the clip, accusing Gaga of using cheap tactics and blasphemy to get attention.

"Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke," the singer said on her Twitter account.

Gaga's new eight-minute video shows the star wearing a red and white latex nun outfit as she is mobbed by a group of male soldiers -- who tear the clothes off her body and engage in a provocative dance that looks like they are raping the star.

Another outrageous scene shows Gaga in her underwear riding a soldier she has tied to a bedpost. She is later seen lying in a nun’s habit and swallowing a string of rosary beads in an act of faith.

The video starts with an army of men marching in nothing but high shorts and boots. The scene switches to a bloody heart, presumably Alejandro’s, tied in barbwire on a pillow. Gaga then strips down to underwear to join the men in dirty dancing which continues throughout the video.

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Suzanne said...

I'm sorry I even allowed myself to view is the most horrible things I've laid my eyes on yet basically. I don't understand how in our country at this time, a person under 21 or so cannot enter a strip joint, yet..anybody at any age can get on here and view this anti Christian and disgusting immoral video Still, I guess I had to see to believe what our young people are up against. It is a miracle these days for young people to swim through this muck and come out pure somehow on the otherside. God help us!