Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Dear Friend, My Piano... :)

As I have mentioned before in previous posts one of my favorite ways to really pass time is playing the piano. If you were to walk by my house and happen to hear the piano playing you would probably be hearing the song "Do You Dream of Me" by Michael W. Smith. It happens to be the one I have been really working hard to learn the past few weeks and I am finally really starting to sound good. My very favorite song to play though is easily Bach's Ave Maria. I know that song by heart and have known it for years. It is like an old friend when I sit down to play it. It never gets old. I enjoy playing up beat music as well, but I tend to play my best when I am playing more heartfelt slower music. I also tend to get lost in it more easily and do not pay much attention to what else is going on at the moment when I am playing it.

There is a quote, "Love is like playing the piano. First you have to play by the rules, and then you have to play with your heart." I have to agree with it wholeheartedly. Love in any relationship can be tricky at first while you are getting to know a person. Learning what makes a person tick, what boundaries are ok to cross and so forth and so on, but after awhile you have to forget about those rules and let your heart guide you.

The video below happens to be of the song I mentioned I am learning... I enjoy listening to it because the melody really is a pretty one.

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