Wednesday, March 9, 2011

And So It Begins....

Lent that is.

Today is Ash Wednesday, the very first day of Lent. I have decided to join a health program very much like weight watchers for Lent. I chose to do this because even though I am not totally overweight, I am not where I should be either. I also chose to do this because it will make me more aware of what I have been putting into my body versus what I really should be putting into my body, as well as the best ways to work-out. It is a lifestyle change for me that I fully intend on keeping up after Lent. To me that is what Lent should be about. Choosing to give up something or do something that will change a person for the better. Doing this will help me keep my body healthy so that I will be able to do my best as I go and follow what God's plan for my life is.

Today while at work, one of my co-workers who is not Catholic was asking me all about Ash Wednesday. She did not really understand the meaning behind receiving ashes. Growing up she was told that Catholics do it to show-off... I had to explain to her that really is the wrong reason why we receive ashes on the forehead. Receiving the ashes is more of a humbling experience. It is not about trying to be "better" than other people. It symbolizes that we are sinners and and in need of conversion... She was more understanding of my answer and happy to hear that it is not supposed to be a showy event. It was a very good conversation.

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Suzanne said...

Gosh, glad you were there to help her understand. Blessings on your endeavors always keeping in mind Who it is for...God and you. :)