Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Kid's Say The Darndest Things" #8

Miss Marva: So Connor, what do you want to have? A baby sister, or a baby brother?

Connor: I want a brother.

Miss Marva: But, what if you get a baby sister?

Conner (while hiding his face in his hands): I just don't wanna talk about it!!!

Miss Silvia: Alright, boys. You need to eat up.
Josh N: I'm a man!
Maddy: No, I'm a man.
Josh N: (yelling really loudly with a very frustrated look on his face) No, I'm the man!!!!

Josh had us laughing so hard during lunch.

Me: Grady, what in the world happened to your chin, babe?
Grady: Oh, I fell of my bike and then I landed on my face and I hurt my chin.
Me: Oh, baby! Did it hurt? Did you cry a lot.
Grady: Yeah, it hurt... but Miss Teresas, my chin looks so cool now, so it was a good hurt. It was real good.

(Boys and their scars...)

TJ (age 11): Teresa, I fell of my bike once and scraped my leg.
Kevin(age 5, and with hand motions pointing down his leg): Teresa, it looked like this. It went blub blub blub blub all the way down his his leg.

Wren: Where is my mommy?
Ellie: She's at work.
Wren: Why is she at work?
Ellie: Well, why do you think she is at work, Wren?
Wren: uh uh uh uh ummmm ummm ummm money????

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