Sunday, May 9, 2010

I am a proud Godmommy... again. :)

Today was a wonderful and enjoyable day! Today is the day my youngest nephew was baptized, and I officially became his Godmother. I have two goddaughters right now, but he is my first godson...:) I was so proud of the little guy. I am used to babies cry when the holy water is poured over them, but this kid did not make one sound. He also had a nice number of people come to watch him become part of the Catholic faith. He is one popular little guy. :)

After the baptism there was a nice meal at my family's house... Since it is also Mother's Day today, both my sisters and I did not want our mom to do anything, but enjoy the company. Us three went in together to buy the food needed for today, and I was the one to put it all together. I am quite proud of myself for that. I am used to cooking for just my family, but not so much for a larger gathering like this. I also cleaned the house a little bit yesterday to. My sisters were in charge of cleaning up since I did the cooking, and between us, I would prefer to cook then the clean-up part, so it suited me just fine.

All in all I think that today was a very nice and blessed day. :)

The bottom picture on the right happens to be one of Keegan and the statue which his Godfather, and very close friend, gave to him for his baptism. Keegan loved that statue. He held a nice conversation with Mary and baby Jesus. He was just mesmerized. It was so cute, I just had to put a picture of him with the statue up here.


Mike said...

It was such a great day!!! I love that photo of Keegan looking at the statue. It's as if he is staring into our Blessed Mother's eyes and is finding something there. I have no doubt Our Lady is going to be looking just as intently at him, guiding him along the way of his life.

Your dish was DELICIOUS! Yum.


Teresa said...


I agree. Of all the pictures my mom took of him and the statue this one is my favorite. It's so precious.

Thank-you very much. I am glad you liked it. :) It took me almost two hours to put all that together, so I am glad everyone enjoyed it.