Saturday, January 15, 2011


This past week I found out that our parish priest will be leaving us within the next month. I am very saddened about this change, especially since he has only been with us for a short period of time. I understand why he will be leaving us, but I know that St. Charles will not quite feel as much like home in the way that it once was. The fact that we will not have an official parish priest until sometime this Summer will make it feel even more strange in some ways. I can't help but wonder who our new priest will be and what ways the dynamic of my parish will change.
This morning I opened up my "God Calling" book and this is what it had to say...

January 15

Relax, do not get tense, have no fear. All is for the best. How can you fear change when your life is hid with Me in God, who changeth not- and I Am the same yesterday, today, and forever.
You must learn poise, soul-balance and poise, in a vacillating changing world.
Claim My power. The same power which which I cast out devils is yours today. Use it. If not, I withdraw it. Us it ceaselessly.
You cannot ask too much. Never think you are too busy. As long as you get back to Me and replenish after each task no work can be too much. My joy I give you. Live in it. Bath your spirit in it. Reflect it."

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