Monday, October 5, 2009

Getting Theoretical While Watching House

I am a huge fan of the show House. Tonight's episode was very interesting. In it there was an African dictator that became extremely sick and came to America to find a cure for his illness. The interesting thing about this whole show was watching how the characters were dealing with trying to save one man's life, because by saving his life it would most likely help kill thousands of other innocent people through genocide by that dictator. It brought up a point a good point. Is it okay to kill one man to save thousands of others?
After watching that episode I have become somewhat very confused. Part of me feels like it is okay to kill a person to save thousands of others, but then another part of me totally disagrees with that. I mean do I think it is okay to kill a doctor that does abortions even though he is helping to kill thousands of innocent lives? It is all very confusing to me because I do not think it is right to kill an abortionist, so I suppose it is not okay to kill a dictator threatening genocide either. Then again I go through this inner battle with myself because isn't one death more preferred to losing thousands of innocent lives? It is a very fine line right there and I am thankful that the story in House was obviously something I hope I'd never have to encounter because I am not sure how I would act myself...


angelmeg said...

I think that this episode was masterful in leaving the moral ambiguity of the situation up in the air.

Sometimes we come up against the idea where the best outcome for everyone is something that morally we would never ever consider, and when push comes to shove we would find that we can't do it (as Cameron found out for herself when she made her choice).

If I were forced to choose in that situation, what would I do? Pray for guidance from God. God grant me the serentity . . .

I don't know that I know at this moment what I would do if faced with that choice, I am just glad that at this moment I am not.

The fact that you are aware of that too means that you are forming your conscience well.

Teresa said...

Angelmeg: Wasn't that a great episode! I can't wait to find out what happens to Chase... It's killing me.