Thursday, October 1, 2009

Narrowing it down

Today I was blessed to have a free evening. Since today was a teacher in-service day at work I got off at three instead of five. When I got home and checked my e-mail an even nicer surprise awaited me... my teacher for my class tonight apparently came down with the stomach flu so she canceled class and gave us some homework that will be turned in over the internet. Tomorrow will be another quick day at work because we still have some training to do, but should be done by around twelve, so in a way it will feel kind of like a three-day week-end, which I am not at all complaining about.
With my free time I decided to look over the talk outline for my retreat talk about prayer. I am also supposed to be picking out two really good reflection songs that will to first lead into my topic and then help reflect about it afterwords. You would think that since I am a huge music fan that this would be a no brainer for me, but the truth is there are too many good songs I can use and I am having a hard time narrowing them down.... I am tempted to use the song "Anyway" by Martina McBride mainly because the chorus helps relate to everyone easily because it says "God is great, but sometimes life ain't good. When I pray it doesn't always turn out like I think it should, but I do it anyway. I do it anyway." The rest of the song does not necessarily fit with the topic though.... The other song I would love to use is called "Here I Am" by Leona Lewis. I feel as though that song could easily be from God's own point of view... I used to have that song on my playlist, but I took it off for a little bit of a change... There are other songs that I could use as well is "Crash and Burn" by Savage Garden.... too many great songs and I can only use two. This narrowing down thing is not at all as enjoyable as I thought it would be.... I am praying the Holy Spirit will help me find the two most perfect songs for this talk that will reach these kids the best. I guess I have no other choice, but to keep praying....

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Mike said...

Well, if you want my two cents, here it is. Or if you don't! haha.

First, I don't know this "Here I am" song, but I for one am always concerned about songs that put words in God's mouth. Most of the time, such songs are written by non-Catholics. It just seems wrong to me that we all sing songs that seem to presume God saying different things. To me, if it ain't in the Scripture and it ain't in tradition, God didn't say it!!

Second of all, I think "Anyway" would be a good choice. You mention one great line, but there are others. Like, "You can spend you whole life singing, a song you believe in, that tomorrow they're forget you ever sang." That line always got me: somehow the things we care about most, and spend all of our time focusing on, might be forgotten by others. If we spend our whole life concerned about the right things, well, years from now our story will be lost. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't spend our lives that way! The song also talks about BUILDING, BELIEVING, and LOVING. I think those are some important things to think about in the Christian life.

Well, whatever you go with, I'm sure it will be great!! I am looking forward to reading about it on the blog!!