Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Saint Anthony: The Miracle Worker"

As ya'll all know I have been at home sick and spending most of my time either sleeping, reading, or watching tv... Today, my mom decided to turn on the movie "Saint Anthony: The Miracle Worker." St. Anthony happens to be one of my favorite saints, but I never really knew that much about his life. I just knew that if I lost something he would be the one to help me find it.... I have to say that although the movie is in Italian and you have to read the subtitles, I enjoyed learning more about this saint... There are some very interesting things that happened in his life which I was surprised about..... If you want to watch a good movie, I suggest this one!

This is the first feature length dramatic film on the life of St. Anthony of Padua, one of the most popular saints in Christian history, and one who is even revered by Muslim and Hindu communities. Shot on location in Italy with top-notch acting and glorious cinematography, this film tells the story of his amazing and adventurous life from his youth to his death at a young age. Born into a Portuguese noble family in 1195, Anthony defied his father's wishes to become a knight and, instead, followed the call of God to become a humble monk. He eventually joined the Franciscans and was a follower of St. Francis of Assisi. Anthony became renowned for his powerful preaching and his miracles that won countless souls for Christ. This film tells of his travels through Italy, his mission to Morocco, and his meeting with St. Francis. It beautifully portrays the power of his preaching, the holiness of his life given completely to Christ, his love for the poor, and the wonders of his miracles. Worn out and sick from his dedication and zeal, Anthony died at the age of 36 in Padua shortly after working his last great miracle. Soon after his death he was canonized a saint by Pope Gregory IX., DVD Video Movie - 95 min., Please Note: In Italian with English Subtitles

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