Monday, June 7, 2010

A Day Full Of Experimentations

Today was a day of many firsts for me... My first ever pizza with barbeque sauce on it and my first ever zumba class.

I am a huge fan of pizza I must say. In the past year or so I have become a little bit more, adventurous, from the normal types of pizza. I tried pineapple for the first time on my pizza and have become a huge fan, and today I thought I would do another variation... barbeque sause instead of the normal tomato sauce, and boy am I glad I tried it. After my first bite I kept wondering to myself "where has this been all my life, and why did it take so long for me to try it!?!?!" Needless to say I have a feeling I am going to be trying to convert some of my family members to the amazingness of barbeque pizza.

A couple friends and I decided we would try out a zumba class. I have heard a lot about it, and it sounded like it would be fun, and it was. It is a mix of latin dance moves along with some cardio moves. It was a blast and I cannot wait to go to another one.

I enjoy trying out new things. Granted it may take me a little bit to get there, but once I do I usually only regret taking so long to try them in the first place.... Well with the exception for rollercoasters. No matter which ones I go on, I do ALWAYS regret going on them.


Mike said...

BBQ pizza????? Yuck. I made the mistake once of eating a bite of that. That is not pizza. Part of the definition of pizza is tomato sause. I have strong feelings on this issue!

Teresa said...


No really!?!? You have strong opinions on pizza??? Not you...ha ha ha! I am not at all surprised you commented on this post.

I thought it was delicious. Now I know it is not pizza... but it still tasted good to me.