Saturday, June 5, 2010

Naps Are The Best :)

Naps... I love naps... Naps are a really enjoyable time for me now that I am older. When I was young I hated naps because I always thought I was missing out on something... whether it was a television show, or playing a game with my big sister, or playing with my own toys. Now I wish I was able to have an official nap time like my kids at work are lucky to have. When I do find a day when I am able to lay down for a little bit, I jump at the chance. I does not happen too often, more like once a month or so, but I feel so relaxed after it. On Saturday I was able to do just that. I think that my lack of sleep had finally caught up to me this past week-end. I was really tired Friday night and ended up going to bed around ten... I never go to bed that early on a Friday night unless I am sick. I slept until nine the next morning...

Saturday I was planning as my cleaning day. A friend of mine came from Ohio to spend some time with me and catch-up so I wanted the house to look nice. After going to Planned Parenthood to pray with my mom I came home to begin cleaning. By twelve thirty I just wanted to lie down and sleep. I intended on only sleeping for thirty minutes, but those thirty minutes ended up being three hours. I do not regret that bit of relaxation one bit. I obviously needed it for some reason, and I was lucky to be able to just sleep. I woke-up and was wide awake the rest of the day... I just gotta say naps are amazing. :)

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