Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dodged Another Bullet Again Today

The above picture was taken last night. How incredibly cool is that?!?!? I believe that is the coolest picture of a rainbow I have ever seen. I am pretty jealous I was not the one to get that on film, but it is ok. One of my friends was lucky to get this one.

We dodged yet another tornado today.... I swear with all this heat and humidity and tornados happening all through the state I feel as if it is the month of August instead of June. Today when I was in church finishing up praying the rosary before daily Mass begins, what goes off except the tornado sirens. As soon as we finished praying our rosary we were told by our deacon that we would have Mass downstairs just to be on the safe side, so we would not have to interrupt it if we had to while being upstairs in the sanctuary. It was a different feel having Mass downstairs. We were so much closer to where they set up the altar. Even though there was possible danger I felt very safe and could not think of a better place to be than attending Mass as that time... which in all honesty, that part of the building was not really the safest part of the Church, but that did not matter to me at the time.

Bloomington was pretty lucky. We missed the tornado, but a neighboring town got hit by one. I am very grateful that my friends that live in Nashville, In. were all safe from it.

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Suzanne said...

This photo makes me think about God and how He can and may have been speaking with us. The lightening strike of the power of God..perhaps frustrated with us at times and then, the rainbow, yet again showing us that if we follow Him, loving Him and placing Him above all, there will be a beautiful end. That He loves us so much. Just some thoughts....