Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's About God's Plan, Not Mine

I have finally come to the conclusion that making plans does not really work for me. Something always tends to block me from my goals. I am really starting to get tired of something happening to prevent me from finishing my degree. This week, for example, I have gone to my classes, and somehow my name has not been on any of the teacher's rosters. I go and wait in a line for about forty minutes to talk to the registrar to be told that a lot of students are having the same problems. For whatever reason, a nice sized percentage of the students (like myself) who registered online for their classes somehow did not officially get switched over to the main office. I was also told that they could only the fix the classes that I had attended already and not the ones that I still have yet to go to. This frustrated me quite a bit because I had to take off two hours from work to get just one fixed (because I had not attended this evening's class yet) and that is some money that I cannot afford to keep on losing because of Ivy Tech college messing up. It really has bummed me out to the point where I do not see the point of going back everyday this week to fix a class at a time. I do not understand exactly why this last semester has been such a hard thing to finish. I am tired of dealing with it, and am really at the point where I could not care less about school. That is not a great feeling to have. I am just tired.

So... plans, as I said, do not seem to work for me. I need to remember though that even if it seems like things are not going the way I want them to, does not mean that they are not what God has in mind. I am not quite sure what God is trying to teach me about all of this frustration, but I am hoping that pretty soon I will be able to have a pretty good guess as to what I am supposed to learn. Maybe this is supposed to help me appreciate my degree even more once I finally do receive it.

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