Monday, August 16, 2010

"It's A Crazy Town..."

This past week-end was my trip to Nashville, Tn. with a good friend of mine. Tennessee happens to be a state which I love to visit. It is just gorgeous there, especially as you get closer to the Smokey Mountains. We left bright and early Saturday morning and arrived home Sunday evening. I had a blast shopping on Broadway street in downtown Nashville, which is where the old bars are which people tend to go to sing and hopefully make it in country music. We ate lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe, which was delicious. There was so much to look at and quite a few tourists shopping around.

After we were done there we decided to drive around and find the Cathedral of Nashville, which is where we were going to go to Mass the next morning. After finding it we realized that it was not located in the safest part of town. It was actually a very shady area and we decided that we did not feel safe enough there at all with just the two of us to venture back. Instead we went to a church which was only ten minutes away from our hotel.

After driving around downtown we then went to check-in to our hotel room and go shopping at one of the local malls. We also drove around neighboring cities of Nashville. One of the main reasons for our trip was to help my friend figure out which part of that area she would like to move to. She is wanting to try and make it as a country artist, and so her plans are to move down there after she graduates and try it out for a year or so. The cities were all so adorable and beautiful. It was an enjoyable time.

Mass at the Church of the Holy Family was nice. It was all about Mary, which is should be considering it was the Feast of the Assumption. I felt all relaxed afterwords and ready for the day. After Mass the next morning we headed out to look at the Country Music Hall of Fame. There was so much paraphanelia from lots of different country music stars there.

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