Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm Leaving Them in Your Hands.

Sorry about the lack of posting the past few days. I have been held up doing homework, which I still have more yet to be touched... It needs to be done, but I just needed to take a little bit of a break for a moment this morning before jumping into the thick of it. Lots of tests to study for this week along with a huge project for another class and some more papers to write for English. Oh fun stuff...

Last night as I was trying to fall asleep (which is not so easy to do with a stuffy nose) I began to think about how people tend to "claim" other people as their own. "That's my boy," "He's my guy," "She's my best friend." We all tend to be possessive of the people we care most about which is only natural as humans. As I thought about that it really hit me that in reality no one can really be "our own." The only person that can truly claim us as his own is God. He is the one in charge of everyone's lives. Where they will go, what they will end up doing. He has the right to complete possession of us since He is the one that gave each one of us life. I may not always feel like life is always fair; such as having to say good-bye to lots of people over the Summer, or when my older brother died with not too long of a life, or when a person loses their husband or wife to some tragic accident... All of these things may seem "unfair," to us, but for whatever reason those things fit perfectly into God's plan not only for the other person's life, but your own also. It may not make since at the moment, but after awhile when you are able to look back on it everything will fit together.... As I am thinking these things through I realized that I have to stop thinking of every person I love dearly in the "my" context so much. I need to always keep in mind that I may think that they are mine, but they are here for what God needs them to be here for, and I should not try to question why things happen so much, and just leave them in God's hands. Praying for them and enjoying every moment I have with them for as long as God wants them in my life.

I cannot even really tell you what made me contemplate all that last night. I do not even know if what I typed up above will make any sense to anyone else. It's just how my mind works sometimes.

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