Monday, September 21, 2009

"May Love draw us together..."

"May love draw us together, fill our hearts, our minds, our lives, Love that every thought and word, and our every action, drives. Love that’s strong and enduring, love that’s passionate and deep, Love that shines where there’s darkness, love that’s found where any weep. May love grace every country, every city, and home too, May it guide each government, all that those in power do. May love sit enthroned on earth, ’midst liberty and free speech, And may every race and faith, love always practice and preach."

I found the above while waiting for class today. After all God is love. I wish everyone in this country remembers to keep God first. We live in a very self-centered country and a lot of us Americans tend to put ourselves on pedistals and forget about God, which I think is the main problem with our country today. If we all remember to put God first then I think America would be different...

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