Sunday, September 27, 2009

Turn off the cell phones people!!!!

A pet peeve of mine is how people text during Mass. I get really frustrated and annoyed by people who cannot give their full attention to the Mass, especially on Sunday's. It is only one hour long to spend time with God. I mean seriously, Jesus died for us so the very least we can do is to give one hour a week to Him. I would prefer much more than that, but that's just me. Not to mention one of the coolest miracles happens at every Mass, when He comes to us in the Eucharist... We get to have that happen every week, but so many of us take it for granted. I do not understand people who go to Mass but do not give their full attention to what is going on. I do not understand why they even come to Mass if they are not going to really pay attention to it. They are not really fully present when their attention is taken by the phone during Mass. I also find it really sad that at the beginning of every Mass the cantor has to remind people to turn off their cell phones. It just bugs me. It really really does.... That was my little rant for the day. Now that I have that off my mind I feel much better....

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