Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Remember! What goes in the car stays in the car...."

Oh what a fun week-end I had, and a much needed fun one too!
Friday evening I spent with my younger brother at the bowling alley. It was nice to spend some time with him without arguing. I think it is really nice we found something that is "our" thing. No one else in the family really likes to go bowling except for Shane and I. Shane happens to be an excellent bowler. He tells me all the time I have the potential to be just as good as him if I practiced more, but I just don't have the time nor the interest to really become great at bowling. It is just something I do every so often for fun. I realized I must have become one of the "regulars" there in the past few months since they know who I am and no longer card me when I go and buy a beer. It is the only place I do not get carded anymore which I find funny because I do look so young.
Saturday I went up to Indy with my sister and some friends. Oh what an eventful trip that was. Going up there and back was very entertaining for me. One of the guys did not really seem to know how to be quiet. He talked pretty much none stop all the way up there and all the way back. He talked about the most random subjects like how much cows weigh and how people in Bloomington are never really homeless, but there are REAL homeless people in Indy... just random topics. Some subjects I probably should not have laughed at, but the things he said were just too funny, which is why everyone in the car made a pact to not talk about everything that was spoken of in the car.... I had a blast shopping up in Indy. I do not go up there very often, but I feel as though I found some nice things... My favorite thing I bought (which happens to have been the most expensive as well) is a new olive green sweater which was on sale... I got it for $30.00. Now, I do not normally spend that much money on clothes, but I saw that sweater and pretty much fell in love with it. I refuse to wear it to work because I want to keep it as nice as I can for as long as possible. If I wore it to work, I know it would get ruined quickly.
Today I went to Mass at noon and afterwords I went to my retreat meeting. I am getting really excited about this retreat. There are five and possibly six guys on the retreat team, which I find amazing. There are only five girls, so it is a really nice balance I think. What really makes me more happy about this retreat team is how many people from the student life team are helping plan this one as well. We never really had anyone from the student life team help out before, and so it is very nice to see them wanting to reach out to the high schoolers as well as the college students. Fr. Stan, the priest mainly in charge of the student life team, came up to me today and told me he was really sad when he found out I did not apply to be on the team. He told me I would have been a shoe in for the team. I was touched by that, but I just have too many things going on in my life to give that team the attention it deserves.
After the meeting I headed over to my Aunt's house for a cook-out for my cousin's birthday. We started playing poker, and I am proud to say I won $2.00. I really am not that intelligent when it comes to how to play all the different kinds of poker games, but I do know what hands I need to be looking for. My older cousin keeps telling me he'll beat me at poker one of these days, but it hasn't happened yet. My aunt wants to take me to Vegas to help her win money. With my luck, I probably would lose there. lol
The perfect ending to my week-end had to be watching the Colt's win another game. Some of you may know I am a HUGE colt's fan, and knowing my team is 3-0 really really makes me happy. This week-end was very refreshing for me. I hardly did any school work, and I really just needed some time away from thinking about school. I feel refreshed after it and am now ready for my week to begin!


Suzanne said...

Oh, so will you get to at least help with the retreat, T? I hope so..Fr. Stan is so right. :)

Mike said...

Sounds like a terrific weekend!! The only thing that would have made it better was if you were able to go to the Oktoberfest at St. John's!

Isn't it nice to hear something like what Fr. Stan said? I'm glad you're helping to plan this retreat...that will make it all the better!

Hope your week continues in as great a way as it started.

Teresa said...

Mike: If I had known you were going I would have, but oh well....

Suzanne said...

I did ask you a question on the comments here? Guess you missed that one.

Teresa said...

Mom: I thought I told you in person. Yes, I am working on the retreat still... that's the meeting I had to go to on Sunday and why I was so late to Aunt Shirly's house on Sunday.