Monday, September 14, 2009

Kid's Say the Darndest Things #5

Miss Marva was attempting to help a child get a splinter out of his finger....

Miss Marva: Ok, Thomas, you gotta hold still boy. You keep wiggling.

Thomas: But it hurts Miss Marva, it hurts so BAD.

Miss Marva: If you keep still I will be able to get it out faster and then it won't hurt.

Thomas: Do I gotta have sugery, Miss Marva?

Miss Marva: (as she's laughing) No, honey. You aren't gonna need "sugery" Thomas.

As Ellie was changing Sofia's shirt, James got distressed....

James: No Miss Ellie, don't put that on the floor... put it in the washing mashijing...

Me: Wait, what did you just say, James?

James: She she has to ppput that shirt in the washing jashine.

Me: (try to supress my laughter) The washing jashine? Say washing machine again, please!!!

James: Washing mashishjine...

It was too cute. He had ma laughing so hard. Of course afterwords, we worked on how to say machine correctly.

Sidda: Miss Ellie, I want my feffefunt.
Ellie: You want your what?
Sidda: My feffefunt.
Ellie: Well where is it?
Sidda: In my cubby.
Ellie: Well then, go get it, Sidda.
(Sidda goes and brings back her stuffed elephant.)
Sidda: It's my feffefunt!!!!

James: Can I have some of that drink???
Marva: No, you can't.
James: Why? What's in there? WINE???????

One girl, Kaitlyn, was wearing a shirt that said, "If you think I'm cute then you should see my Aunt."
Me: So Kaitlyn, is your Aunt cute?
Kaitlyn: Yes, and my mommy's cute, and I'm cute too!!!!
Me: Am I cute too, Kaitlyn?
Kaitlyn: Yes, you are VERY cute, Miss Teresa!

The kids got to meet Clifford, but one of them just was not convinced he was real.
Grady: (looking up at Clifford) So, are you the real Clifford, or just a pretend one???

Pretty smart kid for a four year old.

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Suzanne said...

So funny!
No jokes get ANY better than this!
Love it...I tell you, they should be in a book...write a real book, Teresa, I kid you not! :)