Saturday, September 26, 2009

The x-factor

In the last post I talked about how to find a good Catholic mate... Well those are the most important key factors to find a good relationship, but there are other factors that are pretty important when it comes to attracting the opposite sex....
I have always found all the different articles about what attracts the opposite sex somewhat amusing. I usually laugh them off, but these two "Top 10" lists seemed to be onto something... Since I am not a guy I do now know how true the list about "Top 10 Ways to attract men," but it did seem to make since to me....

Top 10 Ways to attract Women

10.) Be Original - Dinner and a movie can only go so far....
Random off the wall dates will be much more memorable.
9.) Stay In Control - Take care of the details. A girl will be
much more pleased to know she does not have to make all the
8.)Be Chivalrous - Be polite. It makes a girl feel protected
and special.
7.) Be Cool - Do not get upset over little things like an
unreturned phone call every few weeks or so.
6.)Be Mysterious - Do not tell your whole life story on the
first date... it's more fun for the girl to figure out things about
you throughout the whole relationship.
5.) Have A Life - It's easy for a girl to find a guy that "needs"
her. She feels more attractive when a guy that already has a
good life wants to be with her.
4.) Be Unpredictable - Always keep her guessing.
3.) Make Her Earn It - It will help her value you more if she
puts in time and effort into the relationship too.
2.) Make A Move - She'll have more respect for the guy with
the guts to make the first move.
1.) Be Causal - Don't move to fast. Follow the girl's lead.

Top 10 Ways to attract men

10.) Use Good Manners - Guys find girls that are kind and
gentle more attractive... those are the kinds of girls guys are
happy to bring home to meet mom.
9.) Be Cheerful and Make Small Talk - Being negative or
complaining is not how to attract a man
8.) Make Eye-Contact - Men are much more likely to come
up to you if your eye contact draws them in.
7.) Be Self-Reliant - Men are attracted to successful woman
who have their own separate lives and are not so clingy. If a girl
feels as though she cannot have a life without a guy then the guy
will begin to feel a little suffocated.
6.) Smile Often and Look Approachable - Men are too
nervous to approach a woman who looks stern or angry.
5.) Learn to Cook - "The way to a man's heart is through his
stomach" is very very true.
4.) Pick Up A Few Trendy Fashion Pieces -
Guys like girls
who look trendy and fresh.
3.) Take Care of Yourself - Take pride in your personal
appearance. Be as healthy and fit as you can be.
2.) Be Confident - Wallflowers won't draw a guy in. If a girl is
outgoing and having fun and seem like the life of the party then
the guy will become more interested in her.
1.) Be Smart - Don't play dumb. Guys don't like it. Great guys
are attracted to intelligent women.

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Suzanne said...

Copy this list and give it to you brother...occasionally and on as he gets older...if he insists on following the girls..he listens much better to you than me, most likely, at this stage and this is short and sweet..not too wordy and to the point..guys seem to like that too.